Founded in 1996 by James Anthony Cambece Jr., J.A. Cambece Law Office, P.C., provides quality debt collection services. Mr. Cambece utilizes the knowledge and experience he accrued while earning his Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration in his role as owner and attorney for J.A. Cambece Law Office.

Serving professionals in the field of Accounts Receivable, J.A. Cambece Law Office helps companies prevent loss and increase profits by offering pre-litigation, litigation, and arbitration to its clients while strictly adhering to the rules set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all other applicable laws and regulations. J.A. Cambece Law Office employs skilled compliance attorneys, mediation officers, and investigators with expertise in debt recovery best practices.

Cambece Law Office believes that collectors help to keep taxes and prices down by helping businesses and the government collect the accounts that they could not. It is estimated that businesses lose about 20 percent of possible income through theft and bad debt. The firm is also dedicated to providing debt collection services in an efficient manner via cutting-edge technologies designed to locate debtors and provide all of the facets of debt recovery from one location.

As co-founder of the Massachusetts Creditors Bar Association in 2009, J.A. Cambece Law Office maintains memberships with the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, the Debt Buyers Associational International, the Members’ Attorney Program Association, and the State Bar of Massachusetts. J.A. Cambece Law Office also abides by the code of conduct set forth by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International). Additionally, the firm requires all of its employees take a pledge to provide collection services in an ethical and professional manner with respect for all people.